New materialism is a philosophical orientation that has taken place in a variety of scientific theories over the last twenty years. It is a discourse about matter’s self-organization, awareness and will. New materialism challenges the dichotomies subject-objects, awareness-unconsciousness, cultural-nature and the textual dominance of the academies.

Queer is something that does not align, which does not meet our expectations. Queer occupies a different position, challenges conventions and opens up new interpretative opportunities. Queer is not static, since categories are established and become conventions, is a queer approach always in the border country, heading for the unexplored.

In the theme of the exhibition, we have deliberately removed “new” from new materialism, because we ourselves as active craft persons have the understanding and knowledge that the matter is not intentionally “dead”. In the artisan’s practice, the material is a collaborator / call partner. The material gives indications and impulses, leads us on. Our physical interaction creates a knowledge that cannot always be formulated or expressed in words, but we know, and our bodies know. The materials have an inner meaning and are not a random carrier of an idea or form.

Open Craft 8 June-1 Sept 2019

The city garden in Örebro is a restaurant and café housed in two large greenhouses centrally located in Stadsparken, with surrounding garden and patio. In the summer of  8/6-1/9 2019 the exhibition Open Craft “Queer Materialism” will be displayed here.